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These events are the best in Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area. Specifically, each event has the following characteristics:

Timing with overhead antennas

Very cool medals

Registration using ITS YOUR RACE, the newest registration platform in America

Photos available to participants, and high-definition finish-line photos

Instant results, and multi-year results pages.  Also, the leader board contains results from each of the events listed on this page. Event participants can see how they do against other events.

Free ITS YOUR RACE phone app for each participant that shows results, maps, and registration

An experienced race director whose event is a wonderful event, and is growing

The events listed on this page are not necessarily owned by the same person, or company. Multiple race directors are involved. Watch for other events as we identify the best of the best.  You may want to choose each of these events for your 2014 running or walking event calendar.

Race directors:  Contact Us if your event is one of the best in the Portland area.