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"My family has never been very physically fit, and over time, developed some unhealthy eating habits, so we wanted to change something.  As we contemplated this decision, we decided to find some type of exercise that we enjoyed. Personally, I tried to fit in some exercise when convenient, but it was not helping much. Then, we found Uberthons. One of my first and most memorable races was the Oregon Turkeython November 22, 2012. As I ran, I could feel myself losing energy, and my legs turning into lead; but, I persevered. I finished with a time of 39:49 for a 5k. This was not my ideal time, but it was somewhere to start. Since then, I have continued to run Uberthons races, and worked to become healthier.The combination of running and new eating habits have resulted in a new-found confidence, and over 70 pounds of weight loss! This amazing process has inspired me to want to help others change their lifestyle, and find happiness."  Rachel P., high school senior, Canby, Oregon.


If you are a healthcare company in Oakland, Chicago, or even in Minnetonka, send us a note. We know you have a mandate to improve membership opportunities for America to become more fit through the Affordable Care Act - we have read it, too! We can help, or we can be the model. Contact us, and we will begin with you today. It is no secret to us that employees can receive a substantial rebate check if the healthcare company, or the corporate office, offers a sustainable program for fitness. A program can be developed that will allow a member to run four or five 5k or 10ks in a year to become eligible for the rebate.  A healthier America is a better America, and money is saved by the business and by the healthcare company!  Article